Bird created by my father-in-law for his grandson.
Made from a small potato and dove feathers.

Istanbul - 2012

cigar band - found - 2012

Caen - 2012

Lunch Atop A Skyscraper / Men Asleep On A Girder

Encountered in Snooker Sint-Martinus, Ghent. The owner, Frieda Declercq, unconsciously makes a statement
by combining these two iconic pictures made by Charles C. Ebbets. The girder seems to be running through,
thus creating a re-interpretation of the originals into one.

Found in antique-shop 't Koetshuis in Antwerp. The frame used to
contain a portrait of a boy. Sunlight made an imprint of the portrait
on the paper behind it. A modern acheiropoieton.

Ghent - 2012

Wedding portrait which Robert Fierens, my grandfather,
attempted to paint white to use as a blank background.
Original picture dates from January 1925.
Paint was applied in 2011.

Brussels - 2012

Lokeren - 2012

Ghent - 2012

Ghost made from an empty yoghurt pot. Used in role-playing games
with kids and/or their parents to visualize bad behavior or a relative
that passed away. Made by my girlfriend to use in her profession as
a family counselor.

Slide used to focus a slide-projector.

Rock - found in 1995 - Westmalle

Tears for two.

Birthday present which I got when I was a kid.

Chocolate bar.

Collage created by my mother, based on a contact sheet. April 1985.

The frame consists of two glass panels held tight by a metal base. The panels are not aligned correctly and some water got in between them. If they were to be repositioned it would destroy the picture inside the frame. Owned by Miet Vandersteen, Brussel.