┬║ 1983, Lokeren. Lives and works in Ghent, Belgium.

- Bachelor in Journalism, Artveldehogeschool Ghent [2004-2007]
- Bachelor in Fine Arts / Photography, School Of Arts / KASK, Ghent [2007-2010]
- Master in Fine Arts / Photography, School Of Arts / KASK, Ghent [2010-2012]

mobile: +32 [0]497 31 95 95
e-mail: contact[at]jeroenlambertyn[dot]be

- Rheum, Cecilia Jaime Gallery, Ghent [27 April - 25 May 2013 -]
- Graduation 2012, Kask, Ghent [27 June - 1 July 2012]
- Projectruimte Master [2012]: group expo with Sam Weerdmeester and Leyla Aydoslu
- Art & Tea [27 April - 1 May 2012]: Lomowall by Fotoshop Gent
- Dead Darlings #7 - Punctum, Ghent [2011]
- The Green Room - Knokke Fotofestival [2011]
- 'Magyarness - How you see Hungary', Budapest [2011]: series of double-exposures with Max Pinckers
- Euroglobe 2.0, Antwerp: group expo
- Groede in Kunst en kunst [2010]: group expo with i.a. Max Pinckers and Bence Bakker
- Fotoshop Gent [2010]: solo exhibition, series #

- Errata [2013]
- Rheum [2013] -
- Graduation 2012 Catalogue [2012]
- Snor Graduation Issue [2012]: Download pdf.
- Dead Darlings Catalogue [2011]: Download pdf.
- Grondleggers [2011]
- Green Room Catalogue [2011] is an online-based platform that invites people to exhibit hidden, forgotten or lost material that has been denied an audience. It provides a stage to present this footage and allow it to be seen.

This material is not limited to imagery, it can also be auditive or textual. Contributions are open to everybody and are certainly not limited to people working with found footage. It may reveal an artist's unexposed collection that is gathering dust in the archive files, but also footage surfacing from daily sources.

The site consists of a growing list of contributors. Every entry is composed on a single page, designed to the format of the content. We work together with the contributors to find the best possible way to present the footage. is mainly represented online but also exists in the form of an installation and periodical publications of contributed material. Publications will be made of the amount of material contributed, but will not necessarily be a one to one translation of the work presented online. Expect additional writing, curatorships, different formats and layouts per issue, depending on the nature and possibilities of the collected material.

A project by Bence Bakker, Max Pinckers, Jeroen Lambertyn, Michiel Burger and Sam Weerdmeester.

OTTOMURA: Commercial Photographic Services

OTTOMURA is a photography collective founded in 2010 by three photographers. We work individually but also as a team with one camera and multiple mobile hand-flashes to give every situation a surreal studio appearance.

Clients: Le Fabuleux Marcel de Bruxelles, Victoire [Le Soir], Oxfam Fair Trade, Telenet, Knack, Erwin Wurm, EU Youth Conference, VDAB, RTC, Momads, Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies, BNP Paribas Fortis, HoGent,...